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About Conference Center
Skanstes Konf Cent 1

Taking into account the wishes and needs of our Tenants, Skanstes City has created an unprecedented concept – a CONFERENCE CENTER. It will be an ideal place for various small meetings, conferences, team trainings, meetings, workshops, as well as other events.

Currently, the conference center can accommodate guests and conference participants in three halls of different sizes.

The conference center is available to both our existing Tenants and any other interested guests.

Skanstes Konf Cent 2

We care about our customers’ wishes, well-being and business development, so being at the Skanstes City Conference Center, everyone can take advantage of all the benefits we offer.

  • Fast Wifi connection. Available to all events participants.
  • A high–quality conditioning system that will allow you not to worry about heat and cold during the event.
  • A large and easily accessible parking lot that can be used by all events participants according to the price list of the office center. Electric car charging station is also available, as well as carsharing vehicles.
  • We provide access for each member to – coffee, tea and drinking without additional charge.
  • We will also provide note paper and pens for participants without additional charge.
  • We are working with different catering companies, and any organizer of the conference has the opportunity, to order snacks as well as hot food.

Room No.1

  • Capacity – up to 45 pers.
  • Area – 80 m2
  • Dimension – 5 x 16 m
  • Ceiling height – 3.30 m
  • Main information screen 85 inches
  • Two backup information screens 50 inches
  • Presentation console
  • Whiteboard, paper, markers
  • Natural lighting – blinded windows


Room No.2

  • Capacity  up to 25 pers.
  • Area – 50 m2
  • Dimension  5 x 10 m
  • Ceiling height  3.30 m
  • Main information screen 75 inches
  • Backup Information screen 50 inches
  • Presentation console
  • Whiteboard, paper, markers
  • Natural lighting  blinded windows


Room No.3

  • Capacity – up to 9 pers.
  • Area – 30 m2
  • Dimension – 5 x 6 m
  • Ceiling height – 3.30 m
  • Main information screen 75 inches
  • Conference video camera
  • Presentation console
  • Whiteboard, paper, markers
Room plan
Room Plan
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