Skanstes City /DUNTE

About Skanstes City DUNTE

Skanstes City /DUNTE is one of the largest buildings in Skanstes City where more than 15 Latvian and foreign companies are developing their business.

Extremely wide range of tenants – from interior design to vehicle import services – have their businesses here.

Skanstes City /DUNTE is at the intersection of the streets of Skanstes, Kr. Valdemāra and Duntes. The outstanding design of the building is the work of the architectural company ARHIS ARCHITEKTI, and its extensive and extraordinary glazing gives our tenants and their guests a feeling of “city never sleeps.”


Skanstes City /DUNTE has a total leasable area of more than 7,000 m2 and is currently home to more than 15 Latvian and foreign companies that develop their business in different sectors.

Skanstes City /DUNTE offers for rent class A offices starting from 80 m2 up to 1,000+ m2. Skanstes City /DUNTE slightly differs with location, floor layouts and accessibility, however still enjoys all the benefits and advantages of the business campus.

Public spaces
Skanstes City Dunte Publiskas Telpas

We are for convenience, so there is a comfortable and tasteful lobby on the first floor of the building where you can wait for your guests or catch your breath after a meeting.

If you are hungry or need to meet outside the office, you can visit the day restaurant Daily in Skanstes City /DUNTE.

In the office centre /DUNTE, everything is available for comfortable waiting in public premises while a company representative arrives to accompany guests to his/her comfortable and modern office premises.

Parking lots
Skanstes City Dunte Stavvietas

Currently, Skanstes City /DUNTE offers more than 170 car parking spaces. Outside the building, there is also motorcycle parking.

It is possible to go to Skanstes City /DUNTE also with carsharing, rented electric scooters or electric motorcycles.

The parking lot is friendly to bicycle fans because there are also parking spaces for bicycles.