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Day Restaurant Restart

This concept is designed for people who wish more that just to eat, they enjoy dinning with added value in terms of taste selection, interior and atmosphere. And at the same time, they don’t want to give up speed and freedom.

Restaurant TERRA

TERRA is a new restaurant concept that combines the principles of healthy and balanced nutrition, fast service and endless taste travel. In Latin, the word means “LAND.”

Launch Restaurant Daily

Daily creates its recipes in collaboration with nutritionists, so the offer is diverse, balanced and provides all the nutrients that the body needs.


The network of cafes Sala has been known to us for over 20 years. The service is characterised by simplicity, convenience and good taste. Sala is also one of the leading producers of confectionery products, which offers salads, main dishes, delicious pretzels and cakes, and organises banquets.

Food vending machine Food Spot

Food Spot offers a new concept of healthy eating, where a variety of meals and snacks are conveniently and safely available. A delicious meal in the heart of Skanste City in just a minute.