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Daily in Latvia and Estonia operates lunch restaurants, cafes, and canteens where tens of thousands of people eat each day.

Lunch restaurants Daily in companies, office buildings and high schools understand your needs and work to turn every customer’s dream, of perfect lunch into reality. We believe that service must be not only quick, but also kind. That the dining room is not only tables and chairs, but also a pleasant and clean environment. That the menu should not only match the choice of the majority, but also provide the pleasure of the new flawors and be composed of tested products.

Daily’s offer is diverse, balanced and gives everything the body needs. Each workday, the offering includes salads and snacks, warm meat and vegetarian dishes, soups, desserts, cakes, fruit and berry cocktails and drinks. At a particularly advantageous price, there is opportunity to enjoy a competitive lunch offer that changes every day.

Welcome to breakfast, dinner and dinner. The name of the meal is not the most important. The most important thing is to get a dose of energy to go on and deliver on yours goals.

If you’re not comfortable coming to lunch restaurants in Daily, we can go with you! Let’s have a warm lunch for your business everyday or catering for your sports or entertainment event, including dishes and even furniture. Perhaps Daily is a brand with the most serious experience of catering to major events in the Baltic States. If you are planning something really am bitious, our response will be worthy of your intention: a positive cooperation, a heartbeat and a guaranteed outcome.

Nothing creates a sense of festival as a food that is different from everyday normal, cooked from valuable products and served by investing in the creation of a particularly tempting or surprising look. we are prepared as a little party, as well as sumptuous festival, with us or your choice.

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