Day Restaurant Restart

About Us

This concept is designed for people who wish not to simply eat but to dine with added value in taste selection, interior and atmosphere. And at the same time, they don’t want to give up speed and freedom.

What is a restart? For devices, it is a disposal of accumulated fatigue to resume productive operation. People are the same. There is only Different way of achieving what is desired. Switch from responsibilities to taste, from work to rest, from noise to music, and get a great sequel of the day!

Select from finished food and add additives and supplement salads to them. or order wok, pasta, BBQ or ramen, and wait for a pager signal. Make combinations exactly for your mood today, adding soups, a salad bar’s multicolor, cocktail sunny flavors, cake tenderness, espresso’s enjoyable bitterness, and more.

Our vegetarian food recipes have reflected both on nutrition and on taste. On the other hand, in the mornings we offer breakfast, as for the hulking larks that have long started the day, and for the creative owls who need a dose of energy to throw themselves into the vortex of daily works.


Restart Restorans