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Rent of premises in Skanstes City – smart and informed decision


We are chosen and trusted by leading companies in Latvia, Europe and the world. This trust is based on the campus’ years-long focus on flexible solutions adjusted down to the detail. The main benefits are long-term relationships. When choosing to have an office for your company or to locate a business in Latvia, it is most important to choose a place that will not get too tight and will not lack resources to keep the business going. So Skanstes City is the best choice for companies with serious attitude towards their future.

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When considering your next office premises, first – think about future!

  • Choose premises designed to your needs in a large, prestigious office campus that is easy to access. Skanstes City combines 9 office buildings including Skanstes City DUNTE.
  • Choose a place that is recognized and appreciated by customers and partners. The quality of our service is proven by the Construction of the Year 2020 Award and the BREEAM In-Use certification.
  • Choose a professional and experienced manager that provides 24/7 access, security, video surveillance, access control, engineering communications, and invest continuously in the future.

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The site visit of Skanstes City complex is easier than ever!

  1. Call us or write us.

  2. During the conversation, we clarify the expectations and needs. This allows us to prepare for a constructive and personalised introductory visit.

  3. We agree on the time and structure of the visit, whether on site or remotely.

We speak Latvian, English and Russian.

+371 24440021


SIA GlaxoSmithKline Latvia

SIA GlaxoSmithKline Latvia is glad to work together and lease premises in the Skanstes City DUNTE office building. Today it is not easy to find a good owner and supervisor. We are pleased to be here because the lessor always reports all incidents, repairs, electricity and water failures, and other things timely by e-mail or in person. The Skanstes City DUNTE administration responds to all inquiries very quickly and without undue delay, and as far as possible makes quick high-quality improvements. The building is constantly undergoing a variety of positive changes. Last year, repairs were taking place in the hallways of the building, which are now truly homely and beautiful. It is a pleasure to work in an orderly, modern environment in the premises of a responsible and professional lessor.

Moller Baltic Import SE

Moller Baltic Import SE and Skanstes City DUNTE are long‑term partners.

Skanstes City DUNTE employs people with a high sense of responsibility because the solution to any kind of everyday or maintenance problems is found immediately. It is a pleasure to enter well-renovated and tasteful office building premises of common use. Thanks for the pleasant collaboration!


“It is a great pleasure to have a building owner with whom we have a common understanding of the basic needs of a productive working environment such as a good lighting, comfortable, clean and orderly environment. KRASSKY always highlights this and also includes it in its own projects when setting up offices for others.

We notice that investments are being made and we are experiencing positive changes in both the supervision of the building and in cooperation with the owner of the building, who is open to dialogue and compromise.” Aigars Zelmenis, head of the interior showroom KRASSKY.

SIA Kapitel

We can only say the best.

The year with the new building owner has been full of care. The Skanstes City DUNTE administration always react quickly to all issues, situations and needs of the tenant – we are very pleased. We are also very pleased that the building’s premises of common use have acquired a new, attractive and tidy look that makes the building more cozy. It is obvious that every possible and impossible thing is being done here to make the tenants and visitors of the building feel good. Keep up the good work!

SIA AstraZeneca Latvia

Cooperation with Skanstes City has lasted several years. Since the owners of the office center have changed, there has been only good changes. These people understand the business, the desires and needs of their customers.

AS Mintos Marketplace

Thanks Skanstes City for day-to-day cooperation and professional support, including solutions to non-standard situations.

We’re glad to be part of Skanstes City.

ERGO Insurance SE Latvijas filiāle

At Skanstes City office complex on Skanstes Street 50, our company  has been here since 2012. During these years, we have witnessed the changes and developments in this complex of offices, taking into account customers’ needs and expectations. We appreciate the possibilities for convenient car parking, as well as the widely available bicycle places. Our employees have expressed their approval for the possibilities of lunch in the office complex, because several cafes are available a few steps away and it’s possible to choose what they like. We have always received a welcome attitude from Skanstes City staff, which is prerequisite for successful cooperation. We’re glad call this place our own home.