A new tremendous park is being built next to Skanstes City

At the end of 2022, the residents, and guests of the city of Riga will be ready to receive the new city park “Skanstes dārzi”. New Skanstes park is at the centre of the Skanstes transformation into modern contemporary space for living, work, and recreation.

Several water reservoirs, a skate park, playgrounds, sports fields, beaches and picnic areas, a green and diverse environment – all within a few steps will be freely accessible to the employees and guests of our office centre.

Visitors and workers at Skanstes City and Skanstes City Dunte soon will be delighted with beautiful surroundings that will complement our offices and territory so well. Regain your physical and mental strength, work under a tree or enjoy your favorite sports. Skanstes dārzs park will let you uplift your mood and elevate your wellbeing to new heights!

1st round of revitalization of Skanstes territory

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Project goal

The revitalization of the Skanstes area will promote environmentally friendly and sustainable growth of the area’s economic potential and creation of new jobs. The specific goal of the project is to build new streets with engineering communications below them, creating a well-connected neighborhood with other parts of the city with a regional / national sports, entertainment, conference and cultural event center, complemented by balanced business buildings with high-quality offices and high-quality jobs. in a pleasant, diverse and balanced environment. Street construction works are a precondition for integrating the neighborhood into the overall urban traffic structure, creating an impetus for the development of the city’s overall traffic infrastructure.

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Skanste occupies the largest area, currently suitable for growth and potential, near the historical center of Riga. Historically, in the 18th century, the most important watercourse and branch of the Daugava at that time was located here – Sarkandaugava, but around the tributaries of Sarkandaugava there were former pasture meadows. Later, for more than 100 years, the city’s small gardens expanded here, but for the needs of the 2006 World Hockey Championship, it was decided to start the construction of a multifunctional ice rink, which now also serves as one of the main cultural and entertainment centers in the city. In order to further develop and improve a more accessible, comfortable and tidy environment for people, various infrastructure improvement projects are currently being planned and implemented. One of them is also the city park “Skanstes dārzi”.

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Project activities

1) Territory street construction works (Lapeņu Street, Jāņa Dikmaņa Street, Jāņa Krūmiņa Street, Jāņa Daliņa Street);

2) Construction works of utilities (water supply, domestic sewerage, rainwater sewerage, street lighting);

3) Construction of street rainwater storage and drainage system (canal and reservoir);

4) Landscaping;

5) Author supervision;

6) Construction supervision; 7) Publicity measures.

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