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Skanstes City is a brand new, multimodal business campus for business, which combines two wonderful properties – office centre Skanstes City and office centre Skanstes City /DUNTE. The most beautiful park of Riga Skanstes dārzi will be connecting our campus soon.

We are located in Riga, on Skanstes Street. It is easily accessible location both by public transport and by car. In addition, we offer more than 1,180 parking spaces, so that everyone can park their vehicles.

Several leading Latvian caterers work in the area. There are shops, a post office, public transport stops and sports/entertainment infrastructure – Olympic Sports Center, Arena Riga, and Hanzas Perons, as well as one of the leading universities in Latvia – BA School of Business and Finance.


The Skanstes City believes that the office today is not a coercive tool to control employees, but a convenient, practical and pleasant place to go to work in simpler and more efficient conditions than at home.

Our campus has many public spaces with great design and dedicated recreational areas. Worry about distancing yourself? It is easy to ensure it at Skanstes City.

Special care is being taken of both the premises and public spaces. In Skanstes City area, you can pick an apple from a tree, take a walk or sit on a bench. Area is spacious, close to the city’s center, but away from most of the city’s noises.


Fast internet, proper lighting and good air have already become basic self-evident requirements, which are available also for Skanstes City tenants. Real productivity begins with a properly planned office structure and interior. We work with the best specialists and make a unique offer for each tenant, particularly with regard to the layout of the premises and the working cycle in them.

Another important aspect of productivity is the supervisor’s attitude and response time. We solve any issue through a single call – from a burned-out bulb to a change in temperature mode.


Located in a large, joint campus area we can offer not only various office spaces, but also the advantages of a city block. It manifests itself in larger things like space, convenient accessibility and parking, or smaller, joyous nuances – having a tasty meal, taking a walk or meeting your friends.

It is important is that we also have access to everyday services here in our business campus – parking lots, medicine, kindergarten, beautycare, catering, electric car charging, scooters, carsharing, outdoor markets and many potential collaboration partners – all in one place!


We believe in business ideas, vision and growth of our clients. We provide retail areas and office spaces to many small and large businesses, and work enthusiastically so that the environment and work space for all our customers meet all their needs.

We do not wait – we take action, so that you can give all your attention to your business.


Have a delicious meal, meet for an informal meeting or enjoy a healthy snack – our tenants can do it in one of four catering establishments. We ensure that you are always able to follow modern diets, choose healthy food…

Services available in the area

In Skanstes City  important everyday services are available: health-improving and health-promoting services, kindergarten, etc.

Supervision and support

To make your working spaces as comfortable and productive as possible, our team is located in the area of Skanstes City’s business campus, ready to react to solve any issues immediately. Skanstes City works with professional service providers who are…


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Skanstes Street 50, Riga, LV-1013

+371 29163131

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